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In my speaking with many people, I am seeing God
calling many back "home". I do not know what
home is for you, but I do know that He beckons you
to come back...back where you belong... where your
family is...where those who love you are. I know
what it is like to be away, and I know what it is like
to come home. When I came across this quote it said
it all to me. I hope it can say the same to you.
Hear the words of Cardinal John Henry Newman: "I have been in perfect peace
firmer faith in the fundamental truths of revelation, or of more self-command; I had
happiness on that score remains to this day without interruption."

Welcome back to the church/home/whatever is "back" for you, to this port after the
storm.  May your happiness increase and remain.

I am reminded of the Scripture from Luke 15:20...
"But while he was still along way
off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son,
threw his arms around him and kissed him."

In this text, one of the key words here is ran. The Father sees the son along way off
and runs to him. Such love, intensity, forgiveness, such grace. This is the love of the
Father for each one of us. Are we the son along way off, afraid to come home? Afraid
of what awaits us?
Afraid the consequences of our decisions?

Not being able to see the love that awaits us? Or maybe we are the Father, the one
who is experiencing the pain of loss, the heartache of a wandering loved one, awaiting
the day you can just see him along way off. Maybe you are the family at home. Does
love fill your heart on the son's arrival? Do you run to him with open arms? Or has
your heart been hardened by the separation?

There is such joy in coming home, when we pull back into the port after the storm.

Lets begin to look for the son along way off, and when we see him coming, filled with
compassion, let's run to him, throw our arms around him and kiss him.
Lets welcome him home...its been a long way back.
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