New Beginnings House of Prayer
"A Contemplative House of Prayer with an Apostolic Calling"

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Benedectine Lay Group
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St. Scholastica
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St. Benedict at New
Beginnings House
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Benedictine Lay Order (led by
Benedictine Oblates) meets

We begin our time together with prayer
and continue in Benedictine study.  

We are currently reading together
"Wisdom From the Monastery" A
Program of Spiritual Healing.

We read the Rule of St. Benedict by
Joan Chittister in our daily lives. We
believe in the life of St. Benedict and his
focus on work, to pray,
to study.

Call NBHP for schedule.
Everyone is welcome!

I sat there in awe as the old monk answered our questions. Though I'm
usually shy, I felt so comfortable in his presence that I found myself
raising my hand. "Father, could you tell us something about yourself?"
He leaned back. "Myself?" he mused. There was a long pause.
"My name . . .
use to be. . .
But now . . .
it's you."

I thought it good fortune to go to the Magic Monastery for Christmas.  
But at the foot of the hill sat a blind beggar, and when I drew near to
give him some money, I heard him ask, "Who will lead me into the
heart of God?"
I couldn't go on. Who would lead him into the heart of God? I sat down
in front of him. I took his hands. "Together," I said. "Together we'll go
into the heart of God."
Tales of a Magic Monastery
Theophane the Monk
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