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Marie Noack, Executive Director, Benedictine Oblate
founder & Executive Director

Marie has been in the retreat and prayer ministry over 20 years,
speaking and teaching of the vast life of prayer and spiritual
formation. She also writes retreats and other curriculum that
have to do with the spiritual life. Marie is currently authoring a
series of books that will aid in one's life of prayer. Marie's love of
art and creativity has taken her into many different places, one of
them being into the lives of those who are homeless and in transitional living. She
loves bringing creativity into people's lives, enabling them to find peace and
harmony through art and creating. She is a long time spiritual director certified by
the The Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas and the Vincentian Center
for Spirituality and Work in Denver, Colorado. You can contact Marie Noack at
New Beginnings House of Prayer
"A Contemplative House of Prayer with an Apostolic Calling"

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